Specializing in Prosthetic & Orthotic Care

Our Services are comprehensive with a committed and experience staff

The Mission of Delta Orthopedic Lab., Inc are:

  • To focus on each patients’ needs and provide the most appropriate prosthesis or orthosis. Specializing in Patient Care & Pain-Free Prosthetics.
  • To custom fabricate each prosthesis or orthosis allowing the patient to resume an optimum functional lifestyle.
  • To provide services in custom-fabricated and custom-fit orthotics and prosthetics with a continuous Quality Assessment and Improvement Program.
  • To ensure our professionals are specially trained to provide each patients’ individualized care throughout the prosthetic or orthotic continuum.
  • To utilize state-of-the-art componentry and light-weight materials ie. (aero-space epoxy resins, carbons, titanium) by fabricating our devices locally…with a personal touch.

Professional Services

  • ABC Accredited Training
  • Immediate Postoperative Prosthetics
  • Temporary Prosthetics
  • Definitive Prosthetics
  • Custom Fabrication of all Prosthetics and Orthotics Devices
  • Modular/Conventional Prosthesis
  • Definitive Prosthesis for ALL Leevels of Amputation


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