Unity™ - Sleeveless Vacuum

“Unity provides just the right amount of suction – it gives me total security and absolute confidence.”

The first vacuum system for use with proven Seal-In® and Flex-Foot® technology



Unity offers the security and freedom of vacuum suspension, but without the sensation and restrictions of a sleeve. This advanced system from Össur effectively addresses volume fluctuation and is totally compatible with Flex-Foot technology.

  • No sleeve required: Greater mobility and user acceptance
  • Effective volume stabilization
  • Simple design: Quick and easy to achieve/release vacuum
  • Independent pump: Shock function uncompromised
  • Light weight: Complete system weighs only 130g
  • Unity is unique in its capacity to create distal vacuum, which helps to stabilize soft tissue volume and maintain more effective suspension as a result.
  • The design also minimizes the risk of proximal vacuum leakage and the puncture issues associated with more traditional ‘above-knee’ vacuum methods.

Without a sleeve, range-of-motion is unrestricted and vacuum can be released quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Unity builds on the proven technology behind the Iceross Seal-In V silicone liner. Volume adaptive blades in the seal conform to the residual limb and help distribute pressure evenly. And the patented Wave incorporated in the design allows the knee to flex freely.

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